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KINCHO battery mosquito insect repellent kit

  • Brand: Kincho
  • Product Code: 驅蚊機
  • Availability: In Stock


Tags: Kincho, insect repellent, Daily necessities, Living Goods - Miscellaneous Goods

Exquisite shell design.
Using the power switch and indicator light that can be easily turned on/off, the power status can be displayed at a glance even in the dark.

If the light is off, replace the ink cartridge and battery.


If you feel something abnormal or swallow the contents of this product by mistake, please tell your doctor as soon as possible that you already have this product and that it is an insecticide containing pyrethroid mefluthrin. , Please consult a doctor.

[other instructions]
1. To obtain the proper effect, please follow the prescribed usage and capacity.
2. Do not block the entrance and exit of the equipment.
3. If the medicine falls on your hand, please wash it immediately with soap and water.
Storage and handling considerations]
1. Use or store in a place out of the reach of children, avoid placing it in direct sunlight or high temperature places.
2. Please dispose of the used powder box containing the contents of this product with the support of the local government.
3. If you do not use the product for a long time, please take out the battery, leave the used ink cartridge in the device, seal it with plastic wrap or plastic bag, and then store it in the box with the battery.
4. Do not drop or drop the device, otherwise a strong impact or vibration may cause malfunction.
5. Do not expose the equipment to rain or water, otherwise it may cause malfunction. If it gets wet, wipe it off with a dry cloth. Insert the battery in the correct direction. Reverse insertion may cause malfunction.
7When replacing the ink cartridge, please replace the battery at the same time.
Since the instrument uses a small electric motor, the life expectancy is about 2000 hours.

Precautions for use
1. When using in a narrow space, please try to avoid using it in a closed room.
2. The use time of one day should be limited to 8 to 12 hours, and no longer use.
3. When the power is on, the medicine will continue to spread, so when not in use, please set the switch to "OFF".
4. Do not remove items from the cartridge.
5. Do not touch children during and after use.
6. Do not disassemble, modify or repair the equipment, otherwise it may cause malfunction.

Product Details
Dimensions About 10.6cm×8.7cm×11cm
JAN 4987115240735
Materials and components [Active ingredient] Pyrethroid (Mefluthrin) 210mg/tablet [Other ingredients] BHT, coloring agent, kerosene
Package 1 box